While shopping on desertwalkeroutdoor.com, customers have the obligation to abide by the following terms and conditions. Before ordering the goods, please read the following terms carefully.



DesertWalker should do the best to warranty the price of the customer’s ordered goods is the same as published on desertwalker.com. While DesertWalker find obvious error on the price or quantity on goods order or the goods are in out-of-stock situation, DesertWalker has the right cancel any commitment. DesertWalker will notice customers by email or fax promptly.

Customers have the right cancel the order if Fast to buy limited rises the price or the goods are out of stock after making the payment. At the same time, customer should call or send email to the service person to notice the actions. DesertWalker should return the payment according to the result of discussion with the customer.


All goods FOB on China. The tax for shipping FOB would not be covered by DesertWalker.

The delivery time based on the inventory situation, the normal process.

Please fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. DesertWalker will not undertake the responsibility in the following situations:

A. Customers provided false information and address;

B. Nobody sign for the goods while delivered;

C. Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, transportation of martial law, war and other emergencies.


Security: whether you send order by fax or buy goods online, DesertWalker will ensure the safety of the trade information and ask the authorized employees to deal with your order.

Privacy: DesertWalker respects your privacy. In any case, we will not share your personal information and orders to any third party (state judicial organs take excepted). the customer’s information is only used to process your orders.


DesertWaler has the right to modify this business rules. If the customers don’t agree the modification ,they can cancel fast to buy limited’s services. desertwalkeroutdoor.com has the right to modify and interrupt services without notice to all customers and don’t be responsible to any third party.

As a result of force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of DesertWalker, desertwalkeroutdoor.com doesn’t be responsible to the loss of relevant information and records caused by the system crash or un-normal use. However,desertwalkeroutdoor.com will be reasonable as far as possible to help deal with the aftermath, and to make the economic losses from clients.


DesertWalker has the right to interrupt one or more online services according to the realty without being responsible to anyone.

Customers have the following rights if don’t agree DesertWalker ‘s modification of the rules or don’t satisfy the service:

A. Stop the service offered by desertwalkeroutdoor.com.

B, Notice desertwalkeroutdoor.com stop any service.

While the customer’s service over, customer’s right of using our website is interrupted immediately. Fast to buy limited and the customers both have no right to send the information about the online services to any third party.

Any dispute between the customer and fast to buy limited, according to both sides affirm agreement and related laws, any party can submit it to court located in Shenzhen intermediately

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