Winter camping Guide-Diet

In winter, in the early morning of camping outdoors, open the tent, step on the soft silver blanket, rub the cold air of the body skin, you will feel particularly clean. Always feel closer to their own distance with nature. However, it is particularly important to pay attention to the diet in the wild, especially in winter.

All kinds of heating equipment will not heat or heat themselves, it can only slow or reduce the loss of heat in the body, the best way is for the body to store more heat.

1.To reduce the pressure of acceptance and burden,Outdoor cooking utensils need to choose light weight, small size, durable, multi-functional products.

2.Give priority to high-calorie food outdoors, it will consume a lot of physical energy, high-calorie food supplement can give you enough energy reserves.

3.Cooking in the outdoor fire to use the windshield, and to pay attention to the safety of fire, be sure to avoid using fire in the tent.

4.Prepare the ingredients in advance and braise in a heat preservation cup (or beaker). Having a mouthful of hot food after camping is probably the greatest happiness outdoors in winter.
5. Prepare reserve dry food, raisins, beef jerky, chocolate, compressed dry food and other high-calorie portable food. You can be in an emergency when you can’t cook.
Let us start a new camping after a good rest.