Ultralight tent – necessary for summer camping

It’s a wonderful season again. Every flower, stream and valley in nature exudes fascination. I can’t help but want to indulge in it and feel the smell of summer. The night without city lights and stars is the best time.

Every camping trip, there is no shortage of a good tent. Choosing a good tent may not add to your camping experience, but it will certainly help you in time of difficulty.

If you are camping on foot, please choose a light and small tent. After all, you need to carry the equipment to the campsite on your own. Moreover, it is easy to sweat in summer, and the physical consumption is too heavy if the burden is too heavy.

1.The weight of this tent is only 0.9kg, which is easy to install, very small for storage and space saving for placement.

2.The waterproof coefficient is 3000mm, linear expansion is adopted, and the process without adhesive is used for waterproof, so as to solve the problems of adhesive falling off and whitening.

3.The wind proof level can reach five levels, equipped with special ground nails and adopting triangle structure to make the tent more stable.

4.With UV processing, 15D nylon double-sided silicon coating, the outer layer has strong UV resistance. High density nylon gauze net, mesh size is 0.6mm, which can prevent insect invasion.

5.It can be used for 40 degrees and elevation of 5000 meters, and can cope with various harsh environments, non Pu strip design, anti-aging tent.

This Ultralight tent can meet your great demand for summer camping and bring you an unimaginable camping experience.