Two Points on Camping in cold weather

There are always many expectations for winter, lying on ice, camping, digging snow caves, and every wind feels so strong. Every snow is exciting. Spring, summer, and autumn are just a little bit of trouble, and winter is the time to test camping skills. Waking up from a warm and soft sleeping bag and then drilling out of the tent, you can embrace this pure white world.
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First keep warm
If you can’t keep warm well, you will greatly reduce the feeling of camping in the snow. Before going to bed, you should use the temperature of the stove to raise the temperature in the tent. It is best to use thicker clothing and blankets to maintain your temperature. During the day, you place the heater in the center of the tent,which will be help to balance the surrounding temperature. At night, when adjusting the sleeping bag, you place the heater on a safe edge to avoid damage to the tent. You can fall asleep while maintaining normal body temperature.
If you have not a heater, you can make a temporary hot water bottle by yourself,and fill the kettle with hot water (note the use of a kettle that can withstand high temperatures), and then wrap the kettle with socks so that it can be placed in a sleeping bag as a heat source and wake up the next morning You can drink it.
Bring instant food in winter
Camping in winter and summer is too hard, especially physical exhaustion, so we must prepare some fast-conducting fast food, and the amount must be sufficient. so the simple and quick way of cooking is very important.
Also prepare some small foods, such as chocolate, compressed biscuits, dried fruit, peanut products, and put them in a place that is easily accessible for easy consumption. before you are going to bed at night, you should take out some small foods next to your sleeping bag and add them at any time.
To meet new challenges after walking up.
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