Three Characteristics and Installation of Tents

As you know tent is the our second home at outdoors. The quality of the tent determines the safety and comfort of our sleep under outdoor conditions. Therefore, building a tent is very important for us!
The following pictures perfectly illustrate several important features of the tent,These are the things we should pay attention to when purchasing tents.
1, structural stability

2, wind resistance

3, ventilation and ventilation

Several important steps and links to regulate tent construction:

1. After setting up the tent, adjust the fastening tape of the tent angle so that the outside and the outside of the tent are aligned and balanced to avoid tilting the entire surface of the external account. The entire tent was twisted and skewed.

2.After the tent is initially built, lift one end of the tent, then lower and secure the corner. In order to make all the tents of the tent stretch naturally, please avoid twisting and twisting the tent as a whole.

3. The position of the nail under the nail should be consistent with the direction of force (angle) of the drawstring. Avoid artificially tilting the tent as a whole and twisting the tent.

4.the ground nails are tilted 45 degrees to the outside of the tent according to specifications (at least 2/3 of the ground nails are driven into the ground). The upper end of the nail is fixed to the wind rope gap, and the tent is reversed to catch the wind rope. Manicure must develop a good habit.

5. according to different wind ropes to adjust the fastener specifications, to tie the wind rope, to avoid the wind rope slack after the construction of the tent (do not hit the “dead knot” fixed wind rope). Many friends in this place don’t know much and need to master them properly.

6. After pulling up all the tent ropes, do not use too much force when initially pulling the wind rope. Adjust and tighten the pair of wind ropes according to the integrity of the tent. By tightening the wind rope like a car tire, you can tighten the wind rope.(Source Desert Walker Store)