Matters needing attention in Outdoor camping

Look for safe, windproof, dry, flat high places to camp. At this time, we should pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as: whether there are rockfall rolling stones, how the wind direction, whether there are animal nests, beehives and so on. Try not to camp by the river unless it is determined to be a dry season and the water level will not change. The camp should not be close to the river, there are more mosquitoes in summer.

1)whether there is a danger of landslides, avalanches and mountain torrents around the camp, do not camp under the cliff, a small piece of falling stone is also very dangerous. In addition, pay more attention to whether there are wild animal droppings and footprints near the camp to prevent wild animals from invading.
2)it is best to have water sources near the camp and to draw water conveniently. You should not be very close to the water source, prevent moisture, and pay attention to whether the mountain shape will appear high tide and other problems.
3)if you need to make a fire, consider whether there is any firewood nearby. Pay attention to the direction of the wind and flammable materials when making a fire, beware of mountain fire, a single fire can start a prairie fire.
4)pay attention to the weather and choose a good day to travel. If you want to camp in rainy or rainy seasons, dig ditches around the tent depending on the terrain. Camps cannot be stationed on high ground, under high trees or on relatively isolated flat ground to prevent lightning.
5)pay attention to the wind resistance of the tent when the wind is strong, and then rest after it is done.
6)It is best to put valuables, clothing and food into the tent (if there is still room in the tent) before going to bed, and prepare self-defense tools.
7)Bring more garbage bags and take away all the rubbish left over until there is a unified garbage dump. Environmental protection is an important link that can not be ignored in outdoor camping.

Wonderful starry sky
Wonderful nature
Unlimited freedom of body and mind
We were on a camping trip in the wild
Please pay attention to safety
And please don’t ignore environmental protection.