Multiple uses of folding bed

Because of it’s convenience, Folding bed often can be seen in the office and home. But folding bed are not limited to your office rest or your home.

This bed comes in two colors, black and green.

There are also two kind of adjustable height by setting up the pole. You can choose according to your requirements.

Folding beds have the following USES:

· Camping

If you want to go outdoors to relax and enjoy a nice camping trip. Make sure you bring a folding bed to rest on, which you can sit on and lie down 16cm above the ground to keep you away from the damp and dust. Or you can install the pole 39cm above the ground to keep insects and dew away.

· The beach

The sea can make people feel relaxed, listening to the sound of the sea, giving people a sense of peace and quiet. Lying in bed by the sea, listening to the waves, bathing in the sun, life really can be better.

· Fishing

When you go fishing outdoors, you can also take our folding bed.When you need a rest, because it’s very light(the weight just is only 2.3kg), you can always take it out of your backpack and open it.

· The hospital

Our product can also be used in hospitals. It can act as a stretcher.It’s very stable and it’s very quiet.

Once you have it, your outdoor activities will be more convenient and interesting.

Precautions for camping in winter

When you go out in winter, few people usually camp in the snow. But in order to enjoy some extreme scenes, camping is necessary, such as shooting snow orbits or snowy mountains watching the sunrise. So what are the precautions for camping in the snow?

First, the sleeping bag of camping in the snow can not be placed directly on the ground with ice and snow, lest the human body will make the ice and snow melt and get cold. The sleeping bag should be fully fluffy before using it, so that the heat preservation effect is better. Sleeping bags must always be kept dry and should be dried in the sun on sunny days. After each use, let off the warm air in the bag, lest the water vapor condense and wet the sleeping bag after the warm air is not as expected. When entering the sleeping bag, do not wear too much clothes, wearing too much will make people sweat, causing the sleeping bag to be wet, and the thermal insulation performance will be reduced.

It is important to keep clothes dry, especially gloves and socks. It is best to dry it with fire at night or put it in a sleeping bag and use body temperature to dry it when you sleep. Do not wear shoes to bake your feet, which is not only not easy to dry, but also produces water vapor inside. Walking in the ice and snow will condense into ice when you go out again, which is prone to frostbite. Hunters have a little experience in this respect. Putting a plastic bag on the outside of your socks and putting on your shoes can keep your feet warm and damp.

Never to drink alcohol when it is cold. Although drinking alcohol can temporarily cause a feeling of fever in the body, actual alcohol expands blood vessels, increases the heat dissipation of the body, and leads to physical weakness.

Camping in winter, sleeping alone is not as warm as sleeping together. Adding two people’s bedding together will be much thicker, and each other can use body temperature to keep warm. No matter sleeping alone or sleeping together, you can’t wear cotton-padded clothes, as it will get colder and colder. It is best to wear a velvet sweater, put on a leather hat after sleeping, put down the ear of the hat, and wear it back and forth to prevent frostbite. Exercise should be done before going to bed and after waking up to dispel the chill.

Spring camping guide

Winter is almost over and spring is coming.

Come out and get some air in spring! Choose a suitable place, set up a tent, set up a grill, light a bonfire, set up delicious food, play the guitar and sing together. The beauty of life is incisively and vividly.
The weather’s temperature in spring is often unstable and there is a large temperature difference, so it is important to keep warm and pay attention to the weather in the campsite in advance. To be know the weather and keep warm. Spring camping may encounter low temperature, overcast rain, thick fog, strong convective weather and lightning climate, so pay attention to dress properly. Generally speaking, it is necessary to obtain the local climatic information of the tourist destination in advance.

Carry rain gear and pay attention to safety. Rain is inevitable in spring. Take folding umbrellas, raincoats and other rain gear with you. Pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall, anti-fall, and put personal safety first.

Beware of mosquitoes and cleanliness. It is humid in spring, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly easy to breed, so try to avoid drinking unboiled water and eating unhygienic food. At the same time, it is recommended to carry insect repellent.

Beware of allergies and choose a location carefully. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the camping sites they choose, avoid places with flowers as far as possible, and take anti-allergy drugs such as chlorpheniramine or aziramine in advance to prevent pollen allergy.

When we go out to play and camp, some trivial things may become dangerous, just in case, the necessary first aid medicine and tools are indispensable. First aid kits generally include bandages, gauze of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, lotion, painkillers, tweezers, scissors, knives, relieving laxatives and so on.

With the boundless light of spring, all things come back to life.

I hope you can make sufficient preparations for the spring camping, wish your camping is very beautiful, have a good mood!

How to choose the Suitable tent?

Outdoor activities are more and more favored by modern people. With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, camping outdoors is the choice of many people. Tent easy to install, wind, rain, sun protection, high safety, can be reused. Whether it’s RV camping or hiking outdoor enthusiasts, tents are essential equipment for camping in the wild. But when you buy tents, you will find that all kinds of outdoor tents on the market are dazzling. What kind of tents can you buy to meet the needs of your outdoor activities?

At present, there are many categories of tents, which can be divided into camping tents, fishing tents, etc.; according to tent structure, they can be divided into triangular tents, quadrangular tents, hexagonal tents, circular tents, etc.; according to the applicable temperature, they can be divided into alpine tents, ordinary tents and so on. This paper mainly introduces the more common tents.
Hydraulic tent

The hydraulic tent carries the hydraulic device, very convenient, opens the account and collects the account quickly, this is its advantage. If you can’t set up a tent or think it’s troublesome to set up a tent, it’s a good choice. But the disadvantage is that the hydraulic device is not used properly is easy to break, if broken to buy again.

automatic tent
Basically all tents that don’t need to be set up can be called automatic tents. One of them is called a quick-opening tent, which is a kind of tent that folds in the shape of a round cake. Usually this kind of tent is taken out of the bag and unfolded into a three-dimensional tent, which can be put on the ground and set up conveniently. These are his advantages, its disadvantages are due to the tent directly folded, folded after the volume is relatively large, not easy to carry, but if you are driving to camp, you do not have to worry about this problem.
Off-the-ground tent

Because this kind of tent is not spread directly on the ground, but there is a support at the bottom of the tent, so it can effectively prevent Rain Water and moisture on the ground. If it is a rainy season or a very wet place to play, it is best to consider this kind of tent. Many people also use this kind of tent as a fishing tent. The downside may be that it is folded up to be larger and relatively heavier.

Tens of millions of tents, different outdoor activities, it is necessary to choose the right tent. By my hobbies, I prefer the off-the-ground tent,because it is very perfect.What about you?