Walking stick is not as simple as crutches. according to foreign research reports, when people go down hill, the force on the knee is 22% more than that when using the stick, and the energy consumed by thigh muscles is 21% more than that when using a climbing stick.

It can alleviate the problem of excessive load by changing the support mode of the human body center. However, many outdoor enthusiasts have many misunderstandings in the use of walking sticks. If you can’t use it correctly, you will not be able to reduce the compliance, but will bring you a hidden danger.

Misunderstanding 1: single stick or double stick

Walking stick has two main functions: balance and support, or it can be summed up as one function.
Walking stick can increase the stress point and reduce the load on the leg. However, if you only use one walking stick, no matter where you put it, the supporting force is not balanced. Even if the pressure on one side of the stick will be transferred to the side that is not used, the possibility of injury will be increased due to uneven stress.
Walking stick is not a crutch to support the body when the legs and feet remain unchanged. It is a tool to help you walk with less effort.

Misunderstanding 2: it don’t go bad for a long time

To be sure, if you choose a good brand of walking stick and use it correctly, it is not easy to damage. It is not a consumable. But the walking stick is not an iron stick. It also has some fragile parts that are prone to problems, and some parts will fail due to wear and tear.

Misunderstanding 3: it is suitable for all environments

In fact, the walking stick we bought can be called naked stick, which is suitable for general condition. Good walking stick brands also design a lot of replaceable accessories according to different environments, so that walking sticks can play a big role in different environments.

protective cover: many people think that the rubber cover plays a role in protecting the staff from scraping other items when storing the walking stick. In fact, this rubber cover is far more than that. If walking on hard rock, cement, asphalt road, the effect of using rubber sleeve is far better than ordinary stick tip, that is to say, it can reduce the abrasion of stick tip, and can provide more elasticity and friction.

Stick holder: the role of the stick holder is to prevent the stick tip from being too deep into the ground, which makes the walking stick easier to operate and reduce the possibility of damage to the stick tip. It has more different use environments, which can be roughly divided into: snowy, mud, mountain, etc. Generally speaking, the softer and more unstable the road surface is. It needs a large bearing area.

Wristband: the use of wristband should also be selected according to different needs. Long distance sports require a fully wrapped wrist cover to provide more support; while in general skiing and mountain sports, the foot wide synthetic fabric wristband is more comfortable and light; and for the use in extreme environment, the traditional nylon wristband is more reliable.