Enjoy camping and enjoy the comfort of the DESERT WALKER camping bed

When you’re a plan for a day trip, whether it’s climbing, cycling, motorcycle or camping, Most people want to carry light and compact equipment; when you have a beautiful and tired day, you will expect to lie. Get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable, durable and convenient bed. Currently, our collapsible lightweight crib is exactly what you need. This sturdy travel bed is well balanced in weight, size and comfort. Your comfortable and beautiful outdoor experience is our greatest wish.

Oxford breathable material, comfortable to sleep, it is foldable to fit most car. Includes storage pockets for easy transport and storage.
The durable and stable 7001 aviation aluminum rod material steel tube has a stable structural design that supports 440 pounds of weight. The 16 bottom bracket aluminum rods provide a firm and stable support that keeps you away from hard, damp ground. The long bed surface provides plenty of comfortable sleeping space for most adults, whether you are lying in bed or on the side bed.
From the camping tent to the terrace, this bed is the perfect choice. For backpackers, climbers, campers, adventurers who want comfort but not trouble, this is the ideal choice. This lightweight crib can be used not only for outdoor use, but also for indoor guests or office naps.
Give your friends and colleagues a surprise! Enjoy a comfortable rest with our portable camping bed, we believe you will be energized in the adventure of the next day!