Camping picnic tips

People living in the concrete jungle always feel nervous and oppressed, so more and more people like to go camping in the wild during holidays and get close to nature.

The highlight of camping is to accept delicious dishes in a pleasant mountain scenery, but there are a lot of ingredients to prepare for a delicious meal. The process of preparing food and cooking utensils is complicated and cumbersome. How can you prepare quickly and easily? What about outdoor climbing gear? Today we will teach you a few simple and practical methods, which can come in handy next time you go out camping.
1. Make good use of plastic gloves or plastic gloves to dispense excess food. You don’t have to untie the gloves when you use them. You can cut them with scissors. If you install a small amount of seasoning ingredients, they will not replace each other and save the container! Whenever possible, use plastic gloves to dispense toiletries.
2. Carrying eggs while camping is very inconvenient. You can first break the eggs you need into egg liquid, and stir the egg liquid into the beverage bottle evenly; this will not only save a lot of space, but also be convenient to carry.
3. If the floating key ring is camping by the water, it is easy to drop small things such as keys into the water, but using these materials can simply make a floating key ring! First bend one end into a spiral shape, then insert the wire into one end of the cork and hang the key, so that even if the key falls into the water, it will float to the surface by itself.
4. To make a disposable spoon, first cut off the upper half of the plastic bottle. The bottom of the bottle is aligned with the outline of the spoon. You can make a prototype of the spoon by cutting it. The irregular edges of the spoon can be burned gently with fire. Just in case your mouth is scratched.