Titanium Hammer-High hardness,high density,corrosion Resistance

Hammers are one of our common tools, there are a variety of styles in the market, but also a variety of functions. However, in the process of using many hammers, there will be some problems, such as rust, corrosion resistance, large recoil and so on.

The hammerhead of this hammer uses titanium alloy, which has high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, and is often used to make rockets and spaceships. Due to the high strength and high density of titanium alloy. Due to the high strength and low density of titanium alloy, this hammer not only ensures the hardness strength of the hammer, but also reduces the weight of the hammer itself. The protective cover at the handle of the hammer is shockproof and skid-proof, protect your hand from getting hurt.the hammer will not fall off, and a receiving bag is attached.

△ Product parameters:

√ Alloy material: TC4 titanium alloy
√ Density: 4.3g/cm
√ Weight: 3.9oz
√ Length: 23cm
√ Height: 12cm

△ Product use

√ Household hammer
√ Engineering use
√ Tent hammer
√ Mountaineering
√ Opener
√ Safety hammer

This product reduces the weight while ensuring the quality, and is resistant to wear, corrosion and functions. Choose this product, I believe it will surprise you.