Precautions for camping in winter

When you go out in winter, few people usually camp in the snow. But in order to enjoy some extreme scenes, camping is necessary, such as shooting snow orbits or snowy mountains watching the sunrise. So what are the precautions for camping in the snow?

First, the sleeping bag of camping in the snow can not be placed directly on the ground with ice and snow, lest the human body will make the ice and snow melt and get cold. The sleeping bag should be fully fluffy before using it, so that the heat preservation effect is better. Sleeping bags must always be kept dry and should be dried in the sun on sunny days. After each use, let off the warm air in the bag, lest the water vapor condense and wet the sleeping bag after the warm air is not as expected. When entering the sleeping bag, do not wear too much clothes, wearing too much will make people sweat, causing the sleeping bag to be wet, and the thermal insulation performance will be reduced.

It is important to keep clothes dry, especially gloves and socks. It is best to dry it with fire at night or put it in a sleeping bag and use body temperature to dry it when you sleep. Do not wear shoes to bake your feet, which is not only not easy to dry, but also produces water vapor inside. Walking in the ice and snow will condense into ice when you go out again, which is prone to frostbite. Hunters have a little experience in this respect. Putting a plastic bag on the outside of your socks and putting on your shoes can keep your feet warm and damp.

Never to drink alcohol when it is cold. Although drinking alcohol can temporarily cause a feeling of fever in the body, actual alcohol expands blood vessels, increases the heat dissipation of the body, and leads to physical weakness.

Camping in winter, sleeping alone is not as warm as sleeping together. Adding two people’s bedding together will be much thicker, and each other can use body temperature to keep warm. No matter sleeping alone or sleeping together, you can’t wear cotton-padded clothes, as it will get colder and colder. It is best to wear a velvet sweater, put on a leather hat after sleeping, put down the ear of the hat, and wear it back and forth to prevent frostbite. Exercise should be done before going to bed and after waking up to dispel the chill.