Precautions for camping in the wild – Snake prevention

Summer is a very suitable season for camping, enjoying the breeze, flowers, insects. But the wild environment is not as safe as you think. Some poisonous insects, snakes, wasps, etc. that pose a threat to human body are often hidden by dense bushes. When people accidentally touch them, they will attack people. In fact, some places with high mountains and dense forests are the places with the highest incidence of vipers. They usually hide in the woods, grass and bamboo forests.

If you are accidentally bitten by a snake, don’t panic. First of all, we should judge whether it is a snake bite. Usually there are two big and deep teeth marks on the wound, which can be judged as snake bite. If there is no tooth mark and there is no local pain, swelling, numbness and weakness within 20 minutes, it is a non-toxic snake bite. Just clean, stop bleeding and bandage the wound. If conditions permit, send to the hospital for tetanus injection.

Generally its symptoms will gradually appear after 10-20 minutes, After being bitten, it is most important to fight for time. First of all, we need to find a cloth belt or long shoelace to tie the wound 5-10 cm near the upper part of the heart to ease the spread of toxin. But in order to prevent limb necrosis, relax for 2-3 minutes every 10 minutes. Wash the wound surface repeatedly with cold water. Then take the tooth mark as the center, and cut the skin of the wound into a cross shape with a sterilized knife. Then squeeze with two hands, use cupping, or cover the wound with 4-5 layers of gauze, and suck with mouth gauze.

If you meet a viper in the wild, it’s really a terrible thing. So how can we prevent it?

The rosin was foamed and sprinkled around the tent. The ash, lime, kerosene and realgar after burning firewood can be used.For camping in the wild and jungle, weeds around the camp shall be removed, a drainage ditch shall be dug around, and a layer of grass ash shall be scattered to prevent snakes and insects from creeping in.

When you wake up, you should first carefully look around your body to see if there are any snakes or insects nearby who are shocked by sudden activities. Pay attention to keep the camp clean, and all garbage must be buried in time. Because as long as there is star grease, it is possible to attract ants, ants will attract lizards, and lizards will attract snakes. Be careful not to burn fish bones with fire. This smell will also attract snakes. During activities in areas where there are snakes, attention should be paid at any time to reduce the possibility of being bitten by snakes.