Precautions for camping in spring

It’s getting warmer and spring is coming.This is a good time for camping in the wild – the sun is warm but not strong, the flowers are blooming in the mountains, you can find the lovely animals in the spring, and there are no mosquitoes… It’s just suitable for outdoor activity.

Camping needs to meet complex outdoor environment,it needs to be well prepared. before you travel, i advice you to take a look this article to master the practical skills of camping in spring.

1-Check the climate of the campsite in advance

Even though the temperature is already very high during the day, the night in the mountain area may be lower than zero, the lower temperature as follow the higher altitude.

2-Keep warm with winter equipment

If you are going to camp in a regular campsite, you can call the management office to inquire about the climate; if you are camping in the field, you can ask someone who has camping experience here.

3-Try out camping equipment in advance

If it’s an old equipment, you need to check whether it’s damaged before departure, such as whether the waterproof layer falls off, whether there are small holes and timely repair; if it is new equipment, it must take some time to try and familiarize with them to ensure they are available.

4-Pay attention to wild animals and plants

In spring, everything grows, and small animals wake up from hibernation and start to forage. Therefore, when you are camping, pay attention not to damage the natural environment, and do not disturb the surrounding small animals; take good care of the unfinished food or scented bath products to avoid the smell attracting the small animals; if you see amazing animals and plants, please take photos or carve them in your mind at the moment, but do not disturb them.

During the epidemic, please arrange your schedule reasonably and pay attention to health and safety.