Winter camping Guide-Diet

In winter, in the early morning of camping outdoors, open the tent, step on the soft silver blanket, rub the cold air of the body skin, you will feel particularly clean. Always feel closer to their own distance with nature. However, it is particularly important to pay attention to the diet in the wild, especially in winter.

All kinds of heating equipment will not heat or heat themselves, it can only slow or reduce the loss of heat in the body, the best way is for the body to store more heat.

1.To reduce the pressure of acceptance and burden,Outdoor cooking utensils need to choose light weight, small size, durable, multi-functional products.

2.Give priority to high-calorie food outdoors, it will consume a lot of physical energy, high-calorie food supplement can give you enough energy reserves.

3.Cooking in the outdoor fire to use the windshield, and to pay attention to the safety of fire, be sure to avoid using fire in the tent.

4.Prepare the ingredients in advance and braise in a heat preservation cup (or beaker). Having a mouthful of hot food after camping is probably the greatest happiness outdoors in winter.
5. Prepare reserve dry food, raisins, beef jerky, chocolate, compressed dry food and other high-calorie portable food. You can be in an emergency when you can’t cook.
Let us start a new camping after a good rest.

Basic knowledge of tents

Tent structure: After finding a safe campsite, you should start building a barracks. Tents are the most important thing in camping because the fun of camping varies depending on the type of tent.
From basic types such as fonts and open types to improved models with a wide living space, they all have different functions and forms.
You can choose the type you want based on the purpose of the camp, the size and the content of the event.

The tents are divided into several types according to the type, size, material, and color. The basic type has a pyramid type called a minimum type, which is called a triangle type of a font, and is called a wall type.
On top of these three, tents that improve pest resistance, ventilation, insulation, color, and weight are gradually developed, so that everyone can have a comfortable camping life.
As a semi-spherical warhead-type tent that is convenient to transport, it can reduce the pressure in the tent, increase the inhabitability of the cabin tent, and use the action tent for assembly or action. It is a modified tent, or a deformation tent. You can Choose by the purpose and activities of the camping.
The name of each part of the tent is carried by parts. It is assembled and assembled only after arriving at the scene. Therefore, various parts and tools are required.
Know the name and use of each part, familiar with the structure of the tent, in order to quickly and easily set up the tent.
The main body of the tent: the curtains, pillars and mats of the tent.
Pillars: There are straight or one or two, three types of connections. First, the structure of the tent After finding a safe campsite, it should start building a barracks. Tents are the most important thing in camping because the fun of camping varies depending on the type of tent.
The type of tent is required for camping common sense.
From basic types such as fonts and open types to improved models with a wide living space, they all have different functions and forms.
You can choose the type, the size and the content of the event you want based on the purpose of the camp.

Three Characteristics and Installation of Tents

As you know tent is the our second home at outdoors. The quality of the tent determines the safety and comfort of our sleep under outdoor conditions. Therefore, building a tent is very important for us!
The following pictures perfectly illustrate several important features of the tent,These are the things we should pay attention to when purchasing tents.
1, structural stability

2, wind resistance

3, ventilation and ventilation

Several important steps and links to regulate tent construction:

1. After setting up the tent, adjust the fastening tape of the tent angle so that the outside and the outside of the tent are aligned and balanced to avoid tilting the entire surface of the external account. The entire tent was twisted and skewed.

2.After the tent is initially built, lift one end of the tent, then lower and secure the corner. In order to make all the tents of the tent stretch naturally, please avoid twisting and twisting the tent as a whole.

3. The position of the nail under the nail should be consistent with the direction of force (angle) of the drawstring. Avoid artificially tilting the tent as a whole and twisting the tent.

4.the ground nails are tilted 45 degrees to the outside of the tent according to specifications (at least 2/3 of the ground nails are driven into the ground). The upper end of the nail is fixed to the wind rope gap, and the tent is reversed to catch the wind rope. Manicure must develop a good habit.

5. according to different wind ropes to adjust the fastener specifications, to tie the wind rope, to avoid the wind rope slack after the construction of the tent (do not hit the “dead knot” fixed wind rope). Many friends in this place don’t know much and need to master them properly.

6. After pulling up all the tent ropes, do not use too much force when initially pulling the wind rope. Adjust and tighten the pair of wind ropes according to the integrity of the tent. By tightening the wind rope like a car tire, you can tighten the wind rope.(Source Desert Walker Store)

Multiple uses of folding bed

Because of it’s convenience, Folding bed often can be seen in the office and home. But folding bed are not limited to your office rest or your home.

This bed comes in two colors, black and green.

There are also two kind of adjustable height by setting up the pole. You can choose according to your requirements.

Folding beds have the following USES:

· Camping

If you want to go outdoors to relax and enjoy a nice camping trip. Make sure you bring a folding bed to rest on, which you can sit on and lie down 16cm above the ground to keep you away from the damp and dust. Or you can install the pole 39cm above the ground to keep insects and dew away.

· The beach

The sea can make people feel relaxed, listening to the sound of the sea, giving people a sense of peace and quiet. Lying in bed by the sea, listening to the waves, bathing in the sun, life really can be better.

· Fishing

When you go fishing outdoors, you can also take our folding bed.When you need a rest, because it’s very light(the weight just is only 2.3kg), you can always take it out of your backpack and open it.

· The hospital

Our product can also be used in hospitals. It can act as a stretcher.It’s very stable and it’s very quiet.

Once you have it, your outdoor activities will be more convenient and interesting.

Enjoy camping and enjoy the comfort of the DESERT WALKER camping bed

When you’re a plan for a day trip, whether it’s climbing, cycling, motorcycle or camping, Most people want to carry light and compact equipment; when you have a beautiful and tired day, you will expect to lie. Get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable, durable and convenient bed. Currently, our collapsible lightweight crib is exactly what you need. This sturdy travel bed is well balanced in weight, size and comfort. Your comfortable and beautiful outdoor experience is our greatest wish.

Oxford breathable material, comfortable to sleep, it is foldable to fit most car. Includes storage pockets for easy transport and storage.
The durable and stable 7001 aviation aluminum rod material steel tube has a stable structural design that supports 440 pounds of weight. The 16 bottom bracket aluminum rods provide a firm and stable support that keeps you away from hard, damp ground. The long bed surface provides plenty of comfortable sleeping space for most adults, whether you are lying in bed or on the side bed.
From the camping tent to the terrace, this bed is the perfect choice. For backpackers, climbers, campers, adventurers who want comfort but not trouble, this is the ideal choice. This lightweight crib can be used not only for outdoor use, but also for indoor guests or office naps.
Give your friends and colleagues a surprise! Enjoy a comfortable rest with our portable camping bed, we believe you will be energized in the adventure of the next day!

Titanium Hammer-High hardness,high density,corrosion Resistance

Hammers are one of our common tools, there are a variety of styles in the market, but also a variety of functions. However, in the process of using many hammers, there will be some problems, such as rust, corrosion resistance, large recoil and so on.

The hammerhead of this hammer uses titanium alloy, which has high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, and is often used to make rockets and spaceships. Due to the high strength and high density of titanium alloy. Due to the high strength and low density of titanium alloy, this hammer not only ensures the hardness strength of the hammer, but also reduces the weight of the hammer itself. The protective cover at the handle of the hammer is shockproof and skid-proof, protect your hand from getting hurt.the hammer will not fall off, and a receiving bag is attached.

△ Product parameters:

√ Alloy material: TC4 titanium alloy
√ Density: 4.3g/cm
√ Weight: 3.9oz
√ Length: 23cm
√ Height: 12cm

△ Product use

√ Household hammer
√ Engineering use
√ Tent hammer
√ Mountaineering
√ Opener
√ Safety hammer

This product reduces the weight while ensuring the quality, and is resistant to wear, corrosion and functions. Choose this product, I believe it will surprise you.

Matters needing attention in Outdoor camping

Look for safe, windproof, dry, flat high places to camp. At this time, we should pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as: whether there are rockfall rolling stones, how the wind direction, whether there are animal nests, beehives and so on. Try not to camp by the river unless it is determined to be a dry season and the water level will not change. The camp should not be close to the river, there are more mosquitoes in summer.

1)whether there is a danger of landslides, avalanches and mountain torrents around the camp, do not camp under the cliff, a small piece of falling stone is also very dangerous. In addition, pay more attention to whether there are wild animal droppings and footprints near the camp to prevent wild animals from invading.
2)it is best to have water sources near the camp and to draw water conveniently. You should not be very close to the water source, prevent moisture, and pay attention to whether the mountain shape will appear high tide and other problems.
3)if you need to make a fire, consider whether there is any firewood nearby. Pay attention to the direction of the wind and flammable materials when making a fire, beware of mountain fire, a single fire can start a prairie fire.
4)pay attention to the weather and choose a good day to travel. If you want to camp in rainy or rainy seasons, dig ditches around the tent depending on the terrain. Camps cannot be stationed on high ground, under high trees or on relatively isolated flat ground to prevent lightning.
5)pay attention to the wind resistance of the tent when the wind is strong, and then rest after it is done.
6)It is best to put valuables, clothing and food into the tent (if there is still room in the tent) before going to bed, and prepare self-defense tools.
7)Bring more garbage bags and take away all the rubbish left over until there is a unified garbage dump. Environmental protection is an important link that can not be ignored in outdoor camping.

Wonderful starry sky
Wonderful nature
Unlimited freedom of body and mind
We were on a camping trip in the wild
Please pay attention to safety
And please don’t ignore environmental protection.

How to find the right camping location

For many friends who like camping outdoors, how to choose a good place is very important, especially for first time campers. Now let’s talk about how to choose a camping place as following:

1, near water: camping must choose to be close to the water source, such as choosing to be close to streams, lakes, rivers. However, the camp cannot be linked to river banks or streams, especially in rainy and mountainous areas. Once heavy rain or upstream reservoirs release water, flash floods, etc., there is a danger to life.

2, leeward: whether to camp in the wild whether to consider the problem of leeward, especially in some valleys, rivers, should choose the place to carry the wind camp. The tent door should not face the wind.

3, Cliff: If you want to camp under the cliff, due to the limitations of the conditions, you can’t find a suitable place in the concave place of the cliff. Once the wind blows, don’t camp on the mountain under the cliff, you may smash the object with stones. And cause danger.

4, the shade: If this is a camp that needs to live for more than two days, in good weather conditions, you should choose a place with a cool, such as under the big trees and the north of the mountain, it is best to see the sun instead of at night. sun. This way, if you rest during the day, the tent will not be too hot and stuffy.

5, lightning protection: in the rainy season or multiple lightning strikes, the camp should not be tied to the high ground, under the high trees or relatively isolated flat areas.

6. Camp: After the camp is selected, the camp will be built. Especially for camps with a certain scale, the construction of the entire camp is particularly important.

How to choose the Suitable tent?

Outdoor activities are more and more favored by modern people. With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, camping outdoors is the choice of many people. Tent easy to install, wind, rain, sun protection, high safety, can be reused. Whether it’s RV camping or hiking outdoor enthusiasts, tents are essential equipment for camping in the wild. But when you buy tents, you will find that all kinds of outdoor tents on the market are dazzling. What kind of tents can you buy to meet the needs of your outdoor activities?

At present, there are many categories of tents, which can be divided into camping tents, fishing tents, etc.; according to tent structure, they can be divided into triangular tents, quadrangular tents, hexagonal tents, circular tents, etc.; according to the applicable temperature, they can be divided into alpine tents, ordinary tents and so on. This paper mainly introduces the more common tents.
Hydraulic tent

The hydraulic tent carries the hydraulic device, very convenient, opens the account and collects the account quickly, this is its advantage. If you can’t set up a tent or think it’s troublesome to set up a tent, it’s a good choice. But the disadvantage is that the hydraulic device is not used properly is easy to break, if broken to buy again.

automatic tent
Basically all tents that don’t need to be set up can be called automatic tents. One of them is called a quick-opening tent, which is a kind of tent that folds in the shape of a round cake. Usually this kind of tent is taken out of the bag and unfolded into a three-dimensional tent, which can be put on the ground and set up conveniently. These are his advantages, its disadvantages are due to the tent directly folded, folded after the volume is relatively large, not easy to carry, but if you are driving to camp, you do not have to worry about this problem.
Off-the-ground tent

Because this kind of tent is not spread directly on the ground, but there is a support at the bottom of the tent, so it can effectively prevent Rain Water and moisture on the ground. If it is a rainy season or a very wet place to play, it is best to consider this kind of tent. Many people also use this kind of tent as a fishing tent. The downside may be that it is folded up to be larger and relatively heavier.

Tens of millions of tents, different outdoor activities, it is necessary to choose the right tent. By my hobbies, I prefer the off-the-ground tent,because it is very perfect.What about you?