Outdoor camping guide in winter

Outdoor camping varies from person to person. Camping enthusiasts especially like to go camping outdoors, but people who do not like it still do not understand why they have to sleep in a tent and enjoy outdoor camping, especially in winter. Seasonal insect bites do not have the sweltering heat of summer, but the coldness peculiar to winter, which is indeed a headache. Especially when people stop moving and sleep in a tent, cold becomes the biggest enemy.

1. Keep your equipment dry, especially warm clothing such as underwear, socks, shoes and other key parts; Comfortable and lightweight, easy to carry and easy to wear, of course, the key is good cold protection and warmth; socks and jackets should be spared to prevent Wet or change to wear, the warmth effect will be better.
2. The preparation work before outdoor camping must be in place, and all conditions must be ensured; the weather and the weather conditions should be at your fingertips, and the brakes should respond to the changing weather; Do not choose the more difficult weather for adventure, and then go outdoors Camping is also to exercise yourself.
3. Water must be guaranteed. regardless of the destination water source, there should be spare water to prevent accidents; food and water should also Prepare for a few more days, it is better to return from outdoor camping to prevent delays.
4. Camping equipment should be completed, even if it is not used, it can prevent the need for rescue during the midway accident;outdoor camping should be planned well in advance, unified materials, time, place, division of labor and other contents;although there is no small outdoor in winter Insect moths, but accidental beasts must be prevented.
5. Choose jackets as much as possible, sweat-wearing underwear as much as possible, and keep warm socks as much as possible; eat a meal before going to bed, try to eat and drink; it is necessary to keep in touch with family and friends at all times, and you are able to contact others for the first time to facilitate accident rescue.
Your travel will be safety after you pay attention to these.