Necessary equipment for outdoor camping in Summer

Summer is the peak of outdoor activities, away from the city, you can enjoy the fresh air of nature at the mountains. Many people think it’s very hot in summer, so they don’t need to bring too many things. This kind of misunderstanding is easy to cause frequent outdoor accidents. Don’t put on light clothes to save trouble. Therefore, some equipment is still necessary. Let’s take stock of the equipment you need to bring for one-day outdoor hiking.

Dry quickly clothes and trousers. Even in summer, long sleeves and trousers can be considered to effectively avoid mosquito bites or grass leaf cuts in the field. It is recommended to put a sunscreen in the bag, which is light and can be stored into a small bag without any burden. Besides sunscreen, it can also prevent light rain. It is necessary for outdoor environment.

The choice of outdoor clothing should be in line with the changes of the environment. Our main focus in summer may be rain protection, but keeping warm is also very important. In some areas, even in summer, sudden changes in weather may cause temperature to drop. In summer, it is also recommended to keep a rib down jacket and a super light charge coat and raincoat in the backpack.

People don’t like to wear heavy climbing shoes. Low top hiking shoes or cross-country running shoes are good choices. But if you are outdoors for a long time, the choice of shoes depends on the combination of outdoor time and camping environment.

The sock material selection is comfortable, fast drying and durable, effectively preventing blisters on the sole of the foot.

The first premise of enjoying the outdoors is to be safe. Before each trip, you need to check the weather at the destination. To get into the habit of checking the weather, even if the city is sunny, the mountain area has its own microclimate, which is beyond our control.

So every time before we go out, we should tell our family or friends the itinerary and purpose. No matter how safe you think the route is, let others know where you are going and when you will be back.