Multiple uses of folding bed

Because of it’s convenience, Folding bed often can be seen in the office and home. But folding bed are not limited to your office rest or your home.

This bed comes in two colors, black and green.

There are also two kind of adjustable height by setting up the pole. You can choose according to your requirements.

Folding beds have the following USES:

· Camping

If you want to go outdoors to relax and enjoy a nice camping trip. Make sure you bring a folding bed to rest on, which you can sit on and lie down 16cm above the ground to keep you away from the damp and dust. Or you can install the pole 39cm above the ground to keep insects and dew away.

· The beach

The sea can make people feel relaxed, listening to the sound of the sea, giving people a sense of peace and quiet. Lying in bed by the sea, listening to the waves, bathing in the sun, life really can be better.

· Fishing

When you go fishing outdoors, you can also take our folding bed.When you need a rest, because it’s very light(the weight just is only 2.3kg), you can always take it out of your backpack and open it.

· The hospital

Our product can also be used in hospitals. It can act as a stretcher.It’s very stable and it’s very quiet.

Once you have it, your outdoor activities will be more convenient and interesting.