How to use fire in camping without destroying the environment

Cooking need consume wood, which may cause wildfires, so shooting in the wild is not recommended. But what if you really want to use fire?

1. Alternative method without fire
If your campsite is used for lighting and cooking, then you don’t actually need to use firewood. Lighting can be used for camp lights and cooking utensils can be used for stoves. The stove can be placed on stone or under tin foil to reduce damage to the ground or surface.

2. Small dead branches should be used as firewood
If you need to use firewood to extinguish the fire in an emergency, you can pick up small dead branches, use the least firewood branches to minimize the impact, avoid waste, and keep small-scale fires to prevent major accidents.

3. Tinder should be isolated from top soil
If you want to catch fire, you can first lay a cloth, and cover the damaged area with 8 to 13 cm thick inorganic sand to catch fire on the sand pile, or directly set a heat-resistant chassis to catch fire.

4. Pay attention to the wind when you are catching fire
You can use a windshield to prevent the fire from burning.

5. Wet ash fire extinguishing
You can smash the burning ash, completely wet it and cool it, and then remove them from the camp.