Emergency goods in your luggage

Here we talk about 2 products: Newspaper and Insulation blanket.


Warm keeping: the newspaper is dense, and the front and back of the newspaper are close to the body. The wind proof effect is equivalent to wearing an extra warm underwear.

Splint: splint is used to brake the injured part (fixed). The safest and most convenient splint is newspaper. The newspaper is soft and does not hurt the skin, so it saves the trouble of using tree trunk to make splint.

Correction of respiratory Alkali poisoning: due to the thin air in the mountain, people will use accelerated breathing to improve the hypoxia condition, and excessive breathing will exhale more carbon dioxide, resulting in respiratory Alkali poisoning, causing symptoms such as trembling, numbness of hands and feet, dizziness and even convulsion. If the newspaper is rolled into a funnel shape, a small hole with a diameter of 1 cm is left at the top of the funnel, the bottom of the funnel is wrapped around the mouth and nose, and part of the exhaled carbon dioxide is inhaled into the respiratory tract, so as to prevent and correct respiratory Alkali poisoning.

Insulation blanket

Heat preservation: when it is cold, it can be wrapped on the body or easily frozen parts to reflect the heat emitted by the human body and achieve the effect of heat preservation.

Reflection: in case of danger in the field, wrap the insulation blanket around the body, and use its reflection function to help the rescue personnel find the target.

Stretcher: the insulation blanket has good toughness and can be used as a stretcher. Experiments show that the 200 KG man lies flat on the unfolded blanket, and 6 people lift the four corners of the blanket and the middle of the edge of the blanket at the same time, which is not damaged! But this is only for short distance.

We must be good at using the small objects around us to protect ourselves, and hope that each outdoor person’s journey is safe and enjoyable.