Clothing for camping

We will encounter all kinds of weather and environment during camping, we need to know some necessary things:
1-2 sets of long-sleeved underwear
Moisture absorption, perspiration, quick-drying, wear-resistant, common polyester fiber, wool and other materials (avoid wearing cotton).
Quick-drying or assault pants 1-2
Windproof, quick-drying, elastic and wear-resistant. You can also prepare a pair of shorts if the weather is hot, but try not to wear them on the way

1 piece two-piece raincoat
Windproof, waterproof, breathable, quick-drying, there are many materials, and budgets are also different. Choose the one that suits you and avoid wearing a disposable raincoat.
1 pair of wool socks or cotton socks
Essential, comfortable and deodorant.
1 pair of hiking shoes
It is suitable for walking, lightweight hiking shoes and hiking running shoes. If possible, you can prepare a pair of lightweight camp shoes
1 hat
Quick-drying, windproof, shade, rain
Personal toiletries can be carried according to your own habits, such as towels, soap, toothbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, skin care products, etc., but sunscreen must be brought
In addition, when walking for a long distance, prepare a pair of trekking poles as much as possible to save effort and reduce the burden on the lower body. It can also be used flexibly when setting up a canopy or non-self-supporting account.
Everyone’s habits and abilities are different, and the above listing can be adjusted according to individual needs.