Camping tips

1-Confirm your residence before dark.
One of the most important camping tips is: be sure to camp before dark. You need to decide the type of camp according to your own idea, be it a tent, camper or hut. Some adventurers directly cover the sky and fall asleep in a simple hammock. If this is too difficult for you, you may consider bringing a tent during the camping adventure. Even if the tent is the most basic residence in camping, it will be very comfortable if prepared properly. It is best to ask the salesperson of the outdoor sports shop for the tent that best suits your needs and whether the tent is suitable for the size, shape and weight of the tent. Remember: the tent itself does not mean better. After all, you must take it to the camp. Please be sure to try the tent at home first to check if there is a problem to avoid trouble when camping. Bring spare tent poles in case the pillar breaks. Bring old bathroom curtains (the size is slightly smaller than the area of the tent floor) so that it can be spread on the ground to keep the floor dry when it rains.

2-Choose a sleeping bag according to time
The most important technique related to sleeping bags is to choose a sleeping bag suitable for this season. In the warmer months, you can choose a light sleeping bag, but in winter, you need a sleeping bag that can resist low temperatures. Choose a sleeping bag that can be used within a certain temperature range and make sure you feel warm and comfortable. This rated temperature should be lower than the temperature in the camping plan to prevent cooling. If you are in a tent, please choose a mummy-shaped sleeping bag. The sleeping bag can be tightly wrapped in the material. Sleeping bags made of man-made fibers are easier to dry than down sleeping bags and do not cause allergies. But the goose down sleeping bag is very light and easy to carry.