Camping First Aid Tips

In the mountain camping activities, due to the climate, high temperature,other external environments,and daily life are very different from the daily, it is easy to change the physical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to have some first-hand knowledge, and the bicycles should adopt effective measures in peacetime or outdoors. The following are mainly about the possible situations in the camping process, and introduce some basic first aid knowledge.

The main task of emergency site processing
The main task of emergency site treatment is to save lives, reduce the suffering of the wounded, reduce and prevent aggravation of injuries and complications, and correctly and quickly turn the wounded and sick into hospitals.
Calm and orderly command
Once the disaster suddenly comes, don’t panic. If the on-site personnel cuts, immediately dispatch personnel to quickly call the medical staff to come to the scene, and face the wounded and sick to carry out the necessary treatment.
Quickly eliminate fatal and damaging factors
If you remove the heavy objects on the body and evacuate the poisoning site, if it is an electric shock accident, you should immediately cut off the power supply; remove the mud and sand in the mouth and nose of the victim, discard the spit, blood clot or other foreign matter, and keep the airway open.
Check the life signs of the wounded
Check the victim’s breathing, heart rate, and pulse condition. If your heartbeat stops, you should have a heart massage and artificial respiration immediately.
If there is bleeding from the wound, it should be quickly bandaged to stop bleeding. The material can be taken locally, and it can be wrapped with pressure, tourniquet or finger pressure to stop bleeding. Also sent to the hospital as soon as possible.
Abdominal organ detachment
If there is abdominal organ detachment or brain tissue bulging, it can be placed in a clean towel, soft cloth or enamel bowl.
A fractured person is temporarily fixed with a wooden board or the like.
Conscious coma
God stunned, unclear before the cause, pay attention to heartbeat, breathing, double pupil size. If you have a tongue behind, you should pull out the tongue and fix it outside the mouth to prevent suffocation.
Rapid and correct transshipment according to different injuries and conditions, and prioritize the selection of appropriate tools for transshipment. Attention should be paid to the changes in the patient’s condition during the transportation.