Camping accident emergency— fracture

Tired of the busy life in the city, more and more people choose to go camping on weekends in the suburbs around the city. Outdoor activities, adventure and survival is a way for modern young people to relax.

In camping activities, we will set up tents, barbecue, mountaineering and other activities, learn about the possible emergencies in outdoor activities, evaluate all possibilities of the environment, and protect our own safety and health. Fully understanding the relevant knowledge can make you comfortable and comfortable in the whole activity.

Principles of fracture identification:
The injured part deforms unnaturally.
Bones protrude from the skin.
It’s too painful to move.
Serious redness and swelling.
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Processing steps:

1.Use splints (if there is no suitable wood board or stick around, magazines, newspapers, cushions, cartons, umbrellas, pillows, twigs, mountain bikes, etc. can be used instead of splints) to fix, so as to prevent fracture parts from moving. There should be a towel or cloth belt between the splint and the affected area. The splint should be slightly longer and should be fixed with cloth, handkerchief or rope to the upper and lower joints of the damaged part.

2.If there is bleeding at the fracture site, please treat it according to the hemostasis method, put gauze or clean handkerchief and cloth belt on the affected area, and then use splint to fix it after pressure hemostasis.

3.After fixation, please carefully escort the injured to the hospital for medical treatment. Be careful not to burden the injured area.

Note: when fixing the splint, do not over tighten it to limit the movement. If the splint is too short, it will cause instability and dislocation after fracture.

It’s suggested that you check the weather before going out. It’s not suitable for camping in the rain. Avoid going out in the rainy season and encountering serious situations such as mountain torrents. Camping is a great way to spend more time outside. Accommodation in the campsite is very suitable for children and adults, but we need to master more skills and know-how.
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