Camping accident emergency —bee sting

Outings in Summer and autumn, such as bee sting,sometimes with serious consequences. If bee venom enters the blood vessel, anaphylactic shock will occur, even death.

First aid measures:

1.After being stung by a bee, its poisonous needle will stay in the skin. It is necessary to use a disinfectant needle to remove the broken sting in the meat, then forcefully grasp the stung part, and repeatedly suck with the mouth to suck out the toxin. If there is no medicine around, wash with soapy water, and then apply some vinegar or lemon.

2.In case of shock, pay attention to keep breathing unblocked on the road to hospital, and carry out artificial respiration, heart massage and other emergency treatment.

3.After being stung by a wasp, it is basically ineffective to apply ammonia to the affected area. Among the poisonous insects, only the wasp is different. Its toxin is alkaline, because the histamine of the bee venom cannot be neutralized with ammonia, so after pulling out the sting, the wound is sterilized with iodine and alcohol. You can take some antiallergic.

4.After being stung by a bee, it is also necessary to remove the broken thorn first. Unlike wasps, it can be neutralized with ammonia, bicarbonate or soapy water.

When we enjoy a relaxing time outdoors, don’t ignore the hidden dangers around us. No matter how safe you are to camp, always remind yourself.