Better camping experience —A new generation of folding beds

In the valleys, lakes, seaside bonfires, barbecues, picnics, dancing and singing, together looking up at the starry sky, everything that camping brings us is so beautiful. Try to bring this folding bed when you go camping, it will never let you down. At night it will relax your tired body and make you sleep comfortably.
Outer packing: Length: 50cm.Diameter: 14cm
The size of the cot:: Length: 190cm.Width: 66cm.Weight: 2.3kg
Product parts: Bed surface*1. Side bar*2.
Stent*4.Support bar*16(High bed parts).Receiving bag*1
Here are many advantages in the product,such as:
>Height adjustable
The height can be adjusted, the height of 16cm keeps you close to nature, and the height of 39cm keeps you away from moisture and bugs.
>Ultra-light weight
The weight of 3.2kg will not bring burden to your camping, but it will bring convenience to your camping. The volume of the storage bag is also very light and easy to carry.
>Easy to install
When you want to use it, it does not take much effort to install, his spring design will make the installation very convenient; when you do not want to use it, you just need to remove it and put it in the storage bag.
>Low noise
When you roll over in bed, you won’t hear any noise except the song of insects and birds, so that you can get enough sleep at night.

You can also choose to use it in other places. Fishing, beach, hiking and so on, it will certainly bring you a better life experience.This product is very popular with customers, and many buyers have placed orders to buy it,we think you also will like it because it is creative camping product.