Outdoor Camping – avoid poisoning

Camping is full of fun, but because it is far away from the community and camping in the wild, we must make full preparation before departure and travel with experienced people. We have all kinds of troubles when camping out. Now let’s talk about poisoning. There are two common poisoning ways in outdoor: one is poisonous animals and plants, another is food poisoning.

1.Poisonous animals and plants

When hiking or walking, campers should always wear boots, trousers and long sleeve shirts.More common poisonous animals: wasps, poisonous snakes, all kinds of small poisonous insects.

When our skin is damaged by the venom of these animals,the skin will cause skin redness, swelling and burning pain. In severe cases, in addition to local skin damage, there will be different degrees of systemic symptoms.if you are exposed to these two kinds of venom, wash your skin with soapy water as soon as possible, and then apply calamine menthol lotion. If there is obvious redness or erosion, 1% alum solution or 1:500 potassium permanganate solution can be used for cold compress. If there are pustules or secondary infection, anti infection treatment should be carried out.

The three most common poisonous plants are poisonous vine, poisonous oak and poisonous lacquer tree. Slight contact can cause itching. And itching scratch skin exudation of rash fluid, it is easy to spread on the skin, and infect other skin. To avoid this, it is best to clean the affected area with topical alcohol or plenty of water (if no alcohol).

As an emergency measure in the forest, orange leaves (or yellow flowering impatiens) can be crushed and rubbed on inflamed skin. Use calamine lotion to relieve itching and avoid scratching as much as possible. Avoid using hot water on skin with dermatitis and wash worn clothes as soon as possible.

Please walk on the designated path and walk in the middle of the trail to avoid trampling on the roadside plants. Many grasses and subalpine plants are extremely sensitive to foot. If you have to take a risk, choose the most durable and durable surface to walk on (such as rock, gravel or snow).

2.Food poisoning

Contaminated food can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Food poisoning can be solved by the body itself within 24 hours without treatment. Drink plenty of liquid (drink water within 12 hours, then add juice, soup, etc.).

The following points should be noted: wash hands thoroughly before taking food; avoid eating half cooked food; cook meat immediately after thawing without refreezing; eat immediately after cooking; avoid eating foods that nourish bacteria (such as custard, mayonnaise, cream cake, sausage, etc.).

Natural water resources such as river water or spring water should be treated before drinking. Even the most clear water can have problems! Boil for at least 3 minutes and remove water tablets for chemical treatment of drinking water.

Walking stick is not as simple as crutches. according to foreign research reports, when people go down hill, the force on the knee is 22% more than that when using the stick, and the energy consumed by thigh muscles is 21% more than that when using a climbing stick.

It can alleviate the problem of excessive load by changing the support mode of the human body center. However, many outdoor enthusiasts have many misunderstandings in the use of walking sticks. If you can’t use it correctly, you will not be able to reduce the compliance, but will bring you a hidden danger.

Misunderstanding 1: single stick or double stick

Walking stick has two main functions: balance and support, or it can be summed up as one function.
Walking stick can increase the stress point and reduce the load on the leg. However, if you only use one walking stick, no matter where you put it, the supporting force is not balanced. Even if the pressure on one side of the stick will be transferred to the side that is not used, the possibility of injury will be increased due to uneven stress.
Walking stick is not a crutch to support the body when the legs and feet remain unchanged. It is a tool to help you walk with less effort.

Misunderstanding 2: it don’t go bad for a long time

To be sure, if you choose a good brand of walking stick and use it correctly, it is not easy to damage. It is not a consumable. But the walking stick is not an iron stick. It also has some fragile parts that are prone to problems, and some parts will fail due to wear and tear.

Misunderstanding 3: it is suitable for all environments

In fact, the walking stick we bought can be called naked stick, which is suitable for general condition. Good walking stick brands also design a lot of replaceable accessories according to different environments, so that walking sticks can play a big role in different environments.

protective cover: many people think that the rubber cover plays a role in protecting the staff from scraping other items when storing the walking stick. In fact, this rubber cover is far more than that. If walking on hard rock, cement, asphalt road, the effect of using rubber sleeve is far better than ordinary stick tip, that is to say, it can reduce the abrasion of stick tip, and can provide more elasticity and friction.

Stick holder: the role of the stick holder is to prevent the stick tip from being too deep into the ground, which makes the walking stick easier to operate and reduce the possibility of damage to the stick tip. It has more different use environments, which can be roughly divided into: snowy, mud, mountain, etc. Generally speaking, the softer and more unstable the road surface is. It needs a large bearing area.

Wristband: the use of wristband should also be selected according to different needs. Long distance sports require a fully wrapped wrist cover to provide more support; while in general skiing and mountain sports, the foot wide synthetic fabric wristband is more comfortable and light; and for the use in extreme environment, the traditional nylon wristband is more reliable.

How to choose camping equipment in summer

1-Small and transportable home
Choose a light, windproof and rainproof double-layer tent. The choice of tent is very important, otherwise you will easily fall asleep on the street.

2-Sleeping bag to keep warm
Down sleeping bags are better. The down sleeping bag has a good warming effect and is very comfortable. Pay attention to choose the appropriate temperature scale according to the campsite temperature. At the same time, pay attention to choose more well-known brands. The temperature scale of small brands is artificially high and prone to accidents.
3-Comfortable small bed with moisture-proof pad
Try to choose a lighter aluminum foil moisture-proof pad, foam moisture-proof pad, etc., and gently pack to avoid puncture wounds.
4-Backpack Guard Courier
Choose a backpack with a suitable capacity according to the camping time, generally around 55 liters, more importantly, have a comfortable carrying system, otherwise I guarantee that you will not like the fun outdoor activities in camping, it is best to match the rainproof backpack escort.
5-Close fitting equipment for clothes and shoes
Clothing: coats, raincoats, preferably dressings such as quick-drying underwear.
Shoes: It is best to choose professional outdoor shoes, high-top hiking shoes with thick and hard soles to protect the feet from injury. The choice of shoes is very important. Not cheap
6-Food and water life protection
It is best to bring pure water. If you have time, you can choose a professional outdoor water filter, but it can also be used occasionally in emergencies. It is not recommended to rely too much on it. The food you try to choose and convert is a good product to supplement energy. Snickers is one of the cultural relics. , Remember not to eat unknown food in the wild.

7-Kitchenware-the fun of democracy
Kettles, knives, camping pots, gas tanks, stoves, of course, if you don’t cook, you don’t need to bring them. Warmly remind you that the train cannot bring gasoline. Choose a fuel tank, and then choose a car as a travel tool.
8-Lighting and fire appliances-warm light life
Lighting tools: Camp lights are recommended to be electrified, convenient, fast and safe. For headlights and flashlights, choose about 600 lumen s.Fire extinguishing tools: lighter, magnifying glass, candles, etc.

How to get water for outdoor camping

In difficult situations, especially in hot areas and desert areas, water is critical.

1.Water source
Natural water sources are as follows:
Surface water: such as rivers, lakes, streams, etc. Groundwater: such as well water, spring water, underground reservoirs, etc. Biological water: For example, some plants contain sufficient water, such as fairy plantain, bamboo, cactus, etc.water form sky: such as rain, snow, dew and melting ice.

Rainwater, spring water, well water and mountain streams can be directly connected. However, still or slowly flowing water contains large amounts of organic matter and bacteria, which need to be purified before replacement. Purification is to eliminate organic matter in water, disinfect and remove odor. In the case of survival in distress, the following simple methods can be used to purify heat.
To be find a container, such as a canvas bag, a polyethylene plastic bag, a large tin can and a sock at one end. Put a layer of fine gravel on the bottom of the container, then put a layer of sand and a layer of charcoal powder. Repeat many times. The more layers, the better. Each layer is about 2.5 cm thick. If there is no sand, use fine gravel instead.Drill some small holes in the bottom of the container, pour water into the container, and accept it with the cup below.In addition, there is a method to purify the water, dig a shallow pit half a meter away from the water source, after a period of time, clear and clean water will seep out of the pit.
Boil disinfection. Cook at sea level for at least 1 minute; at higher heights, the time should be extended. For every 1000 meters of altitude, the boiling time can be increased by 3-4 minutes.Chemical disinfection. Disinfectants include diclofenac, iodide and crude drugs. Add 2 tablets of diclofenac in 1 liter of water and let stand for 15~30 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Without this reagent, 8-10 drops of iodine can be added per liter of water.

If you want to kill bacteria, you must perform one of the following methods:Before entering the desert, you can buy some medicines from the pharmacy and follow the alternative instructions. You are also seeking self-help and evasion in the car, you need to be on the plane, and you must also store some things at home in case of unexpected needs.
Normally, 1 piece of purified water can completely purify 1 liter of pure water, and 2 pieces of purified water can purify 1 liter of turbid water. Before using pure water, please let it stand for 30 minutes.Add 3 drops of iodine per liter of clear water to double the turbid water. Settle after 30 minutes of precipitation.Add a little carbon to the water, then boil the water to remove the color. Stir the water to cool and restore its taste or add a little salt.

Camping Tips – campfire

It’s a romantic experience to play guitar and sing by the campfire in the evening. However, if you don’t master the skills of making a campfire, there will be many problems.

If you want to succeed in getting a campfire, the first step is to choose the right location.

Because campfire during camping involves fire prevention and environmental protection, many factors need to be taken into account in site selection. When you are ready to make a campfire, make sure your campsite is allowed to use it.

If you have an old fire in your camp, you should give priority to using it, which can save time, labor and reduce the impact on the environment.

Campfire location is best to choose sand or stone ground, and ensure that there is no combustible within 60-90cm.

Step two: prepare firewood.

Fast and safe fire and reduce smoke, reasonable preparation of firewood is the key. The best way to prepare firewood is to pick up dead branches around the camp instead of cutting down trees.

It needs two materials to ignite the fire step by step. First, ignite the fire and then let it burn continuously.

Kindling: something dry and brittle, such as dry leaves, bark, or twigs.

Combustibles: a thick branch or log that burns for a long time.

Third step:place firewood.

When you have collected enough firewood around the camp, you need to stack it reasonably and then light it. Professional stacking will make it easy for you to ignite firewood, and don’t forget to bring kindling.

Take a thick branch and wedge it into the ground. The end of the branch should be firm. Place other branches against it to form a yurt shape with a gap in the middle to push the fire forward.

If it fails, rebuild the fire, add more igniters and combustion aids, or use alcohol cotton and fruit charcoal to help ignite. Don’t sprinkle gasoline or alcohol on firewood. It’s dangerous. Do not use the burner to ignite, which may cause explosion of the gas tank.

Emergency goods in your luggage

Here we talk about 2 products: Newspaper and Insulation blanket.


Warm keeping: the newspaper is dense, and the front and back of the newspaper are close to the body. The wind proof effect is equivalent to wearing an extra warm underwear.

Splint: splint is used to brake the injured part (fixed). The safest and most convenient splint is newspaper. The newspaper is soft and does not hurt the skin, so it saves the trouble of using tree trunk to make splint.

Correction of respiratory Alkali poisoning: due to the thin air in the mountain, people will use accelerated breathing to improve the hypoxia condition, and excessive breathing will exhale more carbon dioxide, resulting in respiratory Alkali poisoning, causing symptoms such as trembling, numbness of hands and feet, dizziness and even convulsion. If the newspaper is rolled into a funnel shape, a small hole with a diameter of 1 cm is left at the top of the funnel, the bottom of the funnel is wrapped around the mouth and nose, and part of the exhaled carbon dioxide is inhaled into the respiratory tract, so as to prevent and correct respiratory Alkali poisoning.

Insulation blanket

Heat preservation: when it is cold, it can be wrapped on the body or easily frozen parts to reflect the heat emitted by the human body and achieve the effect of heat preservation.

Reflection: in case of danger in the field, wrap the insulation blanket around the body, and use its reflection function to help the rescue personnel find the target.

Stretcher: the insulation blanket has good toughness and can be used as a stretcher. Experiments show that the 200 KG man lies flat on the unfolded blanket, and 6 people lift the four corners of the blanket and the middle of the edge of the blanket at the same time, which is not damaged! But this is only for short distance.

We must be good at using the small objects around us to protect ourselves, and hope that each outdoor person’s journey is safe and enjoyable.

Clothing for camping

We will encounter all kinds of weather and environment during camping, we need to know some necessary things:
1-2 sets of long-sleeved underwear
Moisture absorption, perspiration, quick-drying, wear-resistant, common polyester fiber, wool and other materials (avoid wearing cotton).
Quick-drying or assault pants 1-2
Windproof, quick-drying, elastic and wear-resistant. You can also prepare a pair of shorts if the weather is hot, but try not to wear them on the way

1 piece two-piece raincoat
Windproof, waterproof, breathable, quick-drying, there are many materials, and budgets are also different. Choose the one that suits you and avoid wearing a disposable raincoat.
1 pair of wool socks or cotton socks
Essential, comfortable and deodorant.
1 pair of hiking shoes
It is suitable for walking, lightweight hiking shoes and hiking running shoes. If possible, you can prepare a pair of lightweight camp shoes
1 hat
Quick-drying, windproof, shade, rain
Personal toiletries can be carried according to your own habits, such as towels, soap, toothbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, skin care products, etc., but sunscreen must be brought
In addition, when walking for a long distance, prepare a pair of trekking poles as much as possible to save effort and reduce the burden on the lower body. It can also be used flexibly when setting up a canopy or non-self-supporting account.
Everyone’s habits and abilities are different, and the above listing can be adjusted according to individual needs.

Ultralight tent – necessary for summer camping

It’s a wonderful season again. Every flower, stream and valley in nature exudes fascination. I can’t help but want to indulge in it and feel the smell of summer. The night without city lights and stars is the best time.

Every camping trip, there is no shortage of a good tent. Choosing a good tent may not add to your camping experience, but it will certainly help you in time of difficulty.

If you are camping on foot, please choose a light and small tent. After all, you need to carry the equipment to the campsite on your own. Moreover, it is easy to sweat in summer, and the physical consumption is too heavy if the burden is too heavy.

1.The weight of this tent is only 0.9kg, which is easy to install, very small for storage and space saving for placement.

2.The waterproof coefficient is 3000mm, linear expansion is adopted, and the process without adhesive is used for waterproof, so as to solve the problems of adhesive falling off and whitening.

3.The wind proof level can reach five levels, equipped with special ground nails and adopting triangle structure to make the tent more stable.

4.With UV processing, 15D nylon double-sided silicon coating, the outer layer has strong UV resistance. High density nylon gauze net, mesh size is 0.6mm, which can prevent insect invasion.

5.It can be used for 40 degrees and elevation of 5000 meters, and can cope with various harsh environments, non Pu strip design, anti-aging tent.

This Ultralight tent can meet your great demand for summer camping and bring you an unimaginable camping experience.

Let the folding camp bed give you a light camping

The idea of camping is not only to see the beauty of different styles, but different travel experiences are the most valuable.Whether you are looking for real exercise or want to get rid of the fast-paced life, you can enjoy simple life through camping.Some people are obsessed with sunrise, some people are obsessed with flowers, and some people are obsessed with stars and the sea.Everyone wants to travel,Everyone should have camping experience。

When you’re preparing for a day trip, whether it’s backpacking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cycling, motorcycle or driving, you need to bring light accessories; when you have a pleasant and hard day, you will expect to lie down. Get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable, durable and convenient bed. Desert Walker camping bed is exactly what you need. This sturdy travel bed strikes a good balance in terms of weight, size and comfort. Outdoor experience is our biggest wish.

1.3-inch ultra-light folding bed, weighing up to 200 kg。Folding crib is also very easy to install。End of good day。It only takes a few minutes to lie comfortably in a folding bed.

Warm measures for camping in winter

There are no wild worms in winter, no rattlesnakes, no noise, no mountains that are quieter than winter. The biggest danger in winter is the low temperatures of hiking and camping. It must be kept warm and protected from frostbite and temperature drops (temperature usually rises rapidly). Specifically how to do it, please refer to the following advice:

Keep clothes and equipment dry

Especially the drying of gloves and socks is very important.

▲ clothes

The outermost layer is to be worn. Recommended for breathable fabrics. Wind and breathability are especially important as winter rainfall may be small. Of course, you can wear a soft shell ,the effect is very good.
The middle layer can be selected from wool materials with good thermal properties. Because the wool material itself does not absorb water, it has a good perspiration effect,which can fix a certain amount of air and maintain a good warmth effect, beside the wool material can be choose by a fluffy and delicate fabric. Compact fleece material. . . This will be better .
Of course, the innermost part is the sweat layer. It is best to choose perspiration underwear. If you don’t have perspiration underwear, you can choose to dry quickly, but don’t wear cotton underwear. Otherwise, it will be very comfortable when walking. It will be very cold to stop. .

▲ warmth measures

When camping in the snow, it is best to put clothes, kettles, cameras, film, etc. in sleeping bags.
It is best to put the clothes in the fire to dry or put them in a sleeping bag, and the body temperature will dry out when people sleep.
Shoes are also best placed in sleeping bags. If you put your shoes outside the sleeping bag the next morning, it will freeze, not easy to wear, and will wear your feet. It takes more than an hour to melt frozen shoes.
Do not wear shoes to bake your feet. This is not only difficult to dry, but also produces moisture in the shoe. When going out, it will condense into ice in the snow and ice, and it is easy to frostbite.
Put a plastic bag outside the socks and put on your shoes to keep your feet warm and moisture-proof.