How to choose camping equipment in summer

1-Small and transportable home
Choose a light, windproof and rainproof double-layer tent. The choice of tent is very important, otherwise you will easily fall asleep on the street.

2-Sleeping bag to keep warm
Down sleeping bags are better. The down sleeping bag has a good warming effect and is very comfortable. Pay attention to choose the appropriate temperature scale according to the campsite temperature. At the same time, pay attention to choose more well-known brands. The temperature scale of small brands is artificially high and prone to accidents.
3-Comfortable small bed with moisture-proof pad
Try to choose a lighter aluminum foil moisture-proof pad, foam moisture-proof pad, etc., and gently pack to avoid puncture wounds.
4-Backpack Guard Courier
Choose a backpack with a suitable capacity according to the camping time, generally around 55 liters, more importantly, have a comfortable carrying system, otherwise I guarantee that you will not like the fun outdoor activities in camping, it is best to match the rainproof backpack escort.
5-Close fitting equipment for clothes and shoes
Clothing: coats, raincoats, preferably dressings such as quick-drying underwear.
Shoes: It is best to choose professional outdoor shoes, high-top hiking shoes with thick and hard soles to protect the feet from injury. The choice of shoes is very important. Not cheap
6-Food and water life protection
It is best to bring pure water. If you have time, you can choose a professional outdoor water filter, but it can also be used occasionally in emergencies. It is not recommended to rely too much on it. The food you try to choose and convert is a good product to supplement energy. Snickers is one of the cultural relics. , Remember not to eat unknown food in the wild.

7-Kitchenware-the fun of democracy
Kettles, knives, camping pots, gas tanks, stoves, of course, if you don’t cook, you don’t need to bring them. Warmly remind you that the train cannot bring gasoline. Choose a fuel tank, and then choose a car as a travel tool.
8-Lighting and fire appliances-warm light life
Lighting tools: Camp lights are recommended to be electrified, convenient, fast and safe. For headlights and flashlights, choose about 600 lumen s.Fire extinguishing tools: lighter, magnifying glass, candles, etc.

How to get water for outdoor camping

In difficult situations, especially in hot areas and desert areas, water is critical.

1.Water source
Natural water sources are as follows:
Surface water: such as rivers, lakes, streams, etc. Groundwater: such as well water, spring water, underground reservoirs, etc. Biological water: For example, some plants contain sufficient water, such as fairy plantain, bamboo, cactus, etc.water form sky: such as rain, snow, dew and melting ice.

Rainwater, spring water, well water and mountain streams can be directly connected. However, still or slowly flowing water contains large amounts of organic matter and bacteria, which need to be purified before replacement. Purification is to eliminate organic matter in water, disinfect and remove odor. In the case of survival in distress, the following simple methods can be used to purify heat.
To be find a container, such as a canvas bag, a polyethylene plastic bag, a large tin can and a sock at one end. Put a layer of fine gravel on the bottom of the container, then put a layer of sand and a layer of charcoal powder. Repeat many times. The more layers, the better. Each layer is about 2.5 cm thick. If there is no sand, use fine gravel instead.Drill some small holes in the bottom of the container, pour water into the container, and accept it with the cup below.In addition, there is a method to purify the water, dig a shallow pit half a meter away from the water source, after a period of time, clear and clean water will seep out of the pit.
Boil disinfection. Cook at sea level for at least 1 minute; at higher heights, the time should be extended. For every 1000 meters of altitude, the boiling time can be increased by 3-4 minutes.Chemical disinfection. Disinfectants include diclofenac, iodide and crude drugs. Add 2 tablets of diclofenac in 1 liter of water and let stand for 15~30 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Without this reagent, 8-10 drops of iodine can be added per liter of water.

If you want to kill bacteria, you must perform one of the following methods:Before entering the desert, you can buy some medicines from the pharmacy and follow the alternative instructions. You are also seeking self-help and evasion in the car, you need to be on the plane, and you must also store some things at home in case of unexpected needs.
Normally, 1 piece of purified water can completely purify 1 liter of pure water, and 2 pieces of purified water can purify 1 liter of turbid water. Before using pure water, please let it stand for 30 minutes.Add 3 drops of iodine per liter of clear water to double the turbid water. Settle after 30 minutes of precipitation.Add a little carbon to the water, then boil the water to remove the color. Stir the water to cool and restore its taste or add a little salt.