Come out and get some air in spring!

Winter is almost over and spring is coming.

Come out and get some air in spring! Choose a suitable place, set up a tent, set up a grill, light a bonfire, set up delicious food, play the guitar and sing together. The beauty of life is incisively and vividly.
The weather’s temperature in spring is often unstable and there is a large temperature difference, so it is important to keep warm and pay attention to the weather in the campsite in advance. To be know the weather and keep warm. Spring camping may encounter low temperature, overcast rain, thick fog, strong convective weather and lightning climate, so pay attention to dress properly. Generally speaking, it is necessary to obtain the local climatic information of the tourist destination in advance.

Carry rain gear and pay attention to safety. Rain is inevitable in spring. Take folding umbrellas, raincoats and other rain gear with you. Pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall, anti-fall, and put personal safety first.

Beware of mosquitoes and cleanliness. It is humid in spring, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly easy to breed, so try to avoid drinking unboiled water and eating unhygienic food. At the same time, it is recommended to carry insect repellent.

Beware of allergies and choose a location carefully. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the camping sites they choose, avoid places with flowers as far as possible, and take anti-allergy drugs such as chlorpheniramine or aziramine in advance to prevent pollen allergy.

When we go out to play and camp, some trivial things may become dangerous, just in case, the necessary first aid medicine and tools are indispensable. First aid kits generally include bandages, gauze of various sizes, antibiotic ointment, lotion, painkillers, tweezers, scissors, knives, relieving laxatives and so on.

With the boundless light of spring, all things come back to life.

I hope you can make sufficient preparations for the spring camping, wish your camping is very beautiful, have a good mood!

Warm measures for camping in winter

There are no wild worms in winter, no rattlesnakes, no noise, no mountains that are quieter than winter. The biggest danger in winter is the low temperatures of hiking and camping. It must be kept warm and protected from frostbite and temperature drops (temperature usually rises rapidly). Specifically how to do it, please refer to the following advice:

Keep clothes and equipment dry

Especially the drying of gloves and socks is very important.

▲ clothes

The outermost layer is to be worn. Recommended for breathable fabrics. Wind and breathability are especially important as winter rainfall may be small. Of course, you can wear a soft shell ,the effect is very good.
The middle layer can be selected from wool materials with good thermal properties. Because the wool material itself does not absorb water, it has a good perspiration effect,which can fix a certain amount of air and maintain a good warmth effect, beside the wool material can be choose by a fluffy and delicate fabric. Compact fleece material. . . This will be better .
Of course, the innermost part is the sweat layer. It is best to choose perspiration underwear. If you don’t have perspiration underwear, you can choose to dry quickly, but don’t wear cotton underwear. Otherwise, it will be very comfortable when walking. It will be very cold to stop. .

▲ warmth measures

When camping in the snow, it is best to put clothes, kettles, cameras, film, etc. in sleeping bags.
It is best to put the clothes in the fire to dry or put them in a sleeping bag, and the body temperature will dry out when people sleep.
Shoes are also best placed in sleeping bags. If you put your shoes outside the sleeping bag the next morning, it will freeze, not easy to wear, and will wear your feet. It takes more than an hour to melt frozen shoes.
Do not wear shoes to bake your feet. This is not only difficult to dry, but also produces moisture in the shoe. When going out, it will condense into ice in the snow and ice, and it is easy to frostbite.
Put a plastic bag outside the socks and put on your shoes to keep your feet warm and moisture-proof.

A high-performance outdoor product – Ultralight camping bed

Are you still worrying about too much equipment for camping? With the following camping bed, it gives you a very convenient and comfortable camping experience.

The length of the bed is 185cm, the width is 60cm and the height is 15cm. The length of the outer packing is 49cm and the diameter is 10cm. Easy to install, easy to store, and it can be easily packed into your backpack.

The support material is 7001 aviation aluminum rod, the overall weight is 1.3kg, and the load resistance is about 200kg, which ensures the quality of the bed while reducing the weight.

The bed surface is made of Oxford cloth, which is strong and stable, with a unique waterproof and rot-releasing design on the back, which allows you to camp in the wild away from the trouble of damp and cold, and increase the service life of the products.

Every step of the production process of the product has special management, meticulous production, and after-sales problems are guaranteed. You can use it not only at home and camping, but also by the sea, fishing, self-driving and hiking.

More a touch of beauty to your camping and more possibilities to your life.