How to choose the Suitable tent?

Outdoor activities are more and more favored by modern people. With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, camping outdoors is the choice of many people. Tent easy to install, wind, rain, sun protection, high safety, can be reused. Whether it’s RV camping or hiking outdoor enthusiasts, tents are essential equipment for camping in the wild. But when you buy tents, you will find that all kinds of outdoor tents on the market are dazzling. What kind of tents can you buy to meet the needs of your outdoor activities?

At present, there are many categories of tents, which can be divided into camping tents, fishing tents, etc.; according to tent structure, they can be divided into triangular tents, quadrangular tents, hexagonal tents, circular tents, etc.; according to the applicable temperature, they can be divided into alpine tents, ordinary tents and so on. This paper mainly introduces the more common tents.
Hydraulic tent

The hydraulic tent carries the hydraulic device, very convenient, opens the account and collects the account quickly, this is its advantage. If you can’t set up a tent or think it’s troublesome to set up a tent, it’s a good choice. But the disadvantage is that the hydraulic device is not used properly is easy to break, if broken to buy again.

automatic tent
Basically all tents that don’t need to be set up can be called automatic tents. One of them is called a quick-opening tent, which is a kind of tent that folds in the shape of a round cake. Usually this kind of tent is taken out of the bag and unfolded into a three-dimensional tent, which can be put on the ground and set up conveniently. These are his advantages, its disadvantages are due to the tent directly folded, folded after the volume is relatively large, not easy to carry, but if you are driving to camp, you do not have to worry about this problem.
Off-the-ground tent

Because this kind of tent is not spread directly on the ground, but there is a support at the bottom of the tent, so it can effectively prevent Rain Water and moisture on the ground. If it is a rainy season or a very wet place to play, it is best to consider this kind of tent. Many people also use this kind of tent as a fishing tent. The downside may be that it is folded up to be larger and relatively heavier.

Tens of millions of tents, different outdoor activities, it is necessary to choose the right tent. By my hobbies, I prefer the off-the-ground tent,because it is very perfect.What about you?

Make your travel better

Life needs a sense of ritual, just like a normal day requires a beam of light.
You don’t have to go far. When working and studying too long, you can barbecue with three friends, camping and outing are also good choices. Watching the sunrise and sunset and watching the dark clouds are also good choices. Carry a small school bag with a folding bed. You can image that you lie in bed in the afternoon sun and talk about recent fun. Life is wonderful.

Desert Walker’s new camping folding bed, this crib is designed differently from other ultra-light folding cribs. The stand can be divided into 2 parts, which can be raised and used as a low bed. The bracket snaps securely into the side rails of the frame. This should be very useful for those who have difficulty in assembling a crib. This crib is easy to assemble. The bed surface is also Oxford fabric, breathable and waterproof. Not easily deformed. With this crib, it is very convenient to barbecue in your own backyard or go to nest camping.
Make your travel better anytime and anywhere.

A high-performance outdoor product

Are you still worrying about too much equipment for camping? With the following camping bed, it gives you a very convenient and comfortable camping experience.

The length of the bed is 185cm, the width is 60cm and the height is 15cm. The length of the outer packing is 49cm and the diameter is 10cm. Easy to install, easy to store, and it can be easily packed into your backpack.

The support material is 7001 aviation aluminum rod, the overall weight is 1.3kg, and the load resistance is about 200kg, which ensures the quality of the bed while reducing the weight.

The bed surface is made of Oxford cloth, which is strong and stable, with a unique waterproof and rot-releasing design on the back, which allows you to camp in the wild away from the trouble of damp and cold, and increase the service life of the products.

Every step of the production process of the product has special management, meticulous production, and after-sales problems are guaranteed. You can use it not only at home and camping, but also by the sea, fishing, self-driving and hiking.

More a touch of beauty to your camping and more possibilities to your life.