Two Points on Camping in cold weather

There are always many expectations for winter, lying on ice, camping, digging snow caves, and every wind feels so strong. Every snow is exciting. Spring, summer, and autumn are just a little bit of trouble, and winter is the time to test camping skills. Waking up from a warm and soft sleeping bag and then drilling out of the tent, you can embrace this pure white world.
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First keep warm
If you can’t keep warm well, you will greatly reduce the feeling of camping in the snow. Before going to bed, you should use the temperature of the stove to raise the temperature in the tent. It is best to use thicker clothing and blankets to maintain your temperature. During the day, you place the heater in the center of the tent,which will be help to balance the surrounding temperature. At night, when adjusting the sleeping bag, you place the heater on a safe edge to avoid damage to the tent. You can fall asleep while maintaining normal body temperature.
If you have not a heater, you can make a temporary hot water bottle by yourself,and fill the kettle with hot water (note the use of a kettle that can withstand high temperatures), and then wrap the kettle with socks so that it can be placed in a sleeping bag as a heat source and wake up the next morning You can drink it.
Bring instant food in winter
Camping in winter and summer is too hard, especially physical exhaustion, so we must prepare some fast-conducting fast food, and the amount must be sufficient. so the simple and quick way of cooking is very important.
Also prepare some small foods, such as chocolate, compressed biscuits, dried fruit, peanut products, and put them in a place that is easily accessible for easy consumption. before you are going to bed at night, you should take out some small foods next to your sleeping bag and add them at any time.
To meet new challenges after walking up.
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Camping First Aid Tips

In the mountain camping activities, due to the climate, high temperature,other external environments,and daily life are very different from the daily, it is easy to change the physical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to have some first-hand knowledge, and the bicycles should adopt effective measures in peacetime or outdoors. The following are mainly about the possible situations in the camping process, and introduce some basic first aid knowledge.

The main task of emergency site processing
The main task of emergency site treatment is to save lives, reduce the suffering of the wounded, reduce and prevent aggravation of injuries and complications, and correctly and quickly turn the wounded and sick into hospitals.
Calm and orderly command
Once the disaster suddenly comes, don’t panic. If the on-site personnel cuts, immediately dispatch personnel to quickly call the medical staff to come to the scene, and face the wounded and sick to carry out the necessary treatment.
Quickly eliminate fatal and damaging factors
If you remove the heavy objects on the body and evacuate the poisoning site, if it is an electric shock accident, you should immediately cut off the power supply; remove the mud and sand in the mouth and nose of the victim, discard the spit, blood clot or other foreign matter, and keep the airway open.
Check the life signs of the wounded
Check the victim’s breathing, heart rate, and pulse condition. If your heartbeat stops, you should have a heart massage and artificial respiration immediately.
If there is bleeding from the wound, it should be quickly bandaged to stop bleeding. The material can be taken locally, and it can be wrapped with pressure, tourniquet or finger pressure to stop bleeding. Also sent to the hospital as soon as possible.
Abdominal organ detachment
If there is abdominal organ detachment or brain tissue bulging, it can be placed in a clean towel, soft cloth or enamel bowl.
A fractured person is temporarily fixed with a wooden board or the like.
Conscious coma
God stunned, unclear before the cause, pay attention to heartbeat, breathing, double pupil size. If you have a tongue behind, you should pull out the tongue and fix it outside the mouth to prevent suffocation.
Rapid and correct transshipment according to different injuries and conditions, and prioritize the selection of appropriate tools for transshipment. Attention should be paid to the changes in the patient’s condition during the transportation.

Better camping experience —A new generation of folding beds

In the valleys, lakes, seaside bonfires, barbecues, picnics, dancing and singing, together looking up at the starry sky, everything that camping brings us is so beautiful. Try to bring this folding bed when you go camping, it will never let you down. At night it will relax your tired body and make you sleep comfortably.
Outer packing: Length: 50cm.Diameter: 14cm
The size of the cot:: Length: 190cm.Width: 66cm.Weight: 2.3kg
Product parts: Bed surface*1. Side bar*2.
Stent*4.Support bar*16(High bed parts).Receiving bag*1
Here are many advantages in the product,such as:
>Height adjustable
The height can be adjusted, the height of 16cm keeps you close to nature, and the height of 39cm keeps you away from moisture and bugs.
>Ultra-light weight
The weight of 3.2kg will not bring burden to your camping, but it will bring convenience to your camping. The volume of the storage bag is also very light and easy to carry.
>Easy to install
When you want to use it, it does not take much effort to install, his spring design will make the installation very convenient; when you do not want to use it, you just need to remove it and put it in the storage bag.
>Low noise
When you roll over in bed, you won’t hear any noise except the song of insects and birds, so that you can get enough sleep at night.

You can also choose to use it in other places. Fishing, beach, hiking and so on, it will certainly bring you a better life experience.This product is very popular with customers, and many buyers have placed orders to buy it,we think you also will like it because it is creative camping product.

Let the folding camp bed give you a light camping

The idea of camping is not only to see the beauty of different styles, but different travel experiences are the most valuable.Whether you are looking for real exercise or want to get rid of the fast-paced life, you can enjoy simple life through camping.Some people are obsessed with sunrise, some people are obsessed with flowers, and some people are obsessed with stars and the sea.Everyone wants to travel,Everyone should have camping experience。

When you’re preparing for a day trip, whether it’s backpacking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cycling, motorcycle or driving, you need to bring light accessories; when you have a pleasant and hard day, you will expect to lie down. Get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable, durable and convenient bed. Desert Walker camping bed is exactly what you need. This sturdy travel bed strikes a good balance in terms of weight, size and comfort. Outdoor experience is our biggest wish.

1.3-inch ultra-light folding bed, weighing up to 200 kg。Folding crib is also very easy to install。End of good day。It only takes a few minutes to lie comfortably in a folding bed.

Warm measures for camping in winter

There are no wild worms in winter, no rattlesnakes, no noise, no mountains that are quieter than winter. The biggest danger in winter is the low temperatures of hiking and camping. It must be kept warm and protected from frostbite and temperature drops (temperature usually rises rapidly). Specifically how to do it, please refer to the following advice:

Keep clothes and equipment dry

Especially the drying of gloves and socks is very important.

▲ clothes

The outermost layer is to be worn. Recommended for breathable fabrics. Wind and breathability are especially important as winter rainfall may be small. Of course, you can wear a soft shell ,the effect is very good.
The middle layer can be selected from wool materials with good thermal properties. Because the wool material itself does not absorb water, it has a good perspiration effect,which can fix a certain amount of air and maintain a good warmth effect, beside the wool material can be choose by a fluffy and delicate fabric. Compact fleece material. . . This will be better .
Of course, the innermost part is the sweat layer. It is best to choose perspiration underwear. If you don’t have perspiration underwear, you can choose to dry quickly, but don’t wear cotton underwear. Otherwise, it will be very comfortable when walking. It will be very cold to stop.

▲ warmth measures

When camping in the snow, it is best to put clothes, kettles, cameras, film, etc. in sleeping bags.
It is best to put the clothes in the fire to dry or put them in a sleeping bag, and the body temperature will dry out when people sleep.
Shoes are also best placed in sleeping bags. If you put your shoes outside the sleeping bag the next morning, it will freeze, not easy to wear, and will wear your feet. It takes more than an hour to melt frozen shoes.
Do not wear shoes to bake your feet. This is not only difficult to dry, but also produces moisture in the shoe. When going out, it will condense into ice in the snow and ice, and it is easy to frostbite.
Put a plastic bag outside the socks and put on your shoes to keep your feet warm and moisture-proof.

Winter camping Guide-Diet

In winter, in the early morning of camping outdoors, open the tent, step on the soft silver blanket, rub the cold air of the body skin, you will feel particularly clean. Always feel closer to their own distance with nature. However, it is particularly important to pay attention to the diet in the wild, especially in winter.

All kinds of heating equipment will not heat or heat themselves, it can only slow or reduce the loss of heat in the body, the best way is for the body to store more heat.

1.To reduce the pressure of acceptance and burden,Outdoor cooking utensils need to choose light weight, small size, durable, multi-functional products.

2.Give priority to high-calorie food outdoors, it will consume a lot of physical energy, high-calorie food supplement can give you enough energy reserves.

3.Cooking in the outdoor fire to use the windshield, and to pay attention to the safety of fire, be sure to avoid using fire in the tent.

4.Prepare the ingredients in advance and braise in a heat preservation cup (or beaker). Having a mouthful of hot food after camping is probably the greatest happiness outdoors in winter.
5. Prepare reserve dry food, raisins, beef jerky, chocolate, compressed dry food and other high-calorie portable food. You can be in an emergency when you can’t cook.
Let us start a new camping after a good rest.

Winter camping guide-temperature loss

When we go camping in the wild, we often encounter all kinds of dangers. One of the things that has to be mentioned is the loss of temperature, which is not a patent for the outdoors in winter, and it is also easy to lose temperature in the mountains, forests, deserts and grasslands in summer.
It means that the heat loss of the human body is greater than the heat supply, resulting in a decrease in the temperature of the core area of the human body, resulting in a series of symptoms such as chills, confusion, heart and lung failure, and even death.Sometimes, the main cause of temperature loss is not that the ambient temperature is too low, but that the heat preservation measures are not well done.

With regard to heat preservation measures, what has to be mentioned is the “stratified dressing method”.

The biggest advantage of layered dressing method is that the thickness of clothing can be adjusted flexibly according to exercise intensity, external environment and weather conditions. This method allows the body to maintain maximum comfort with the lightest weight, while significantly improving the flexibility and coordination of the body. It can effectively avoid the awkward scene of hot when moving, cold when calm down, and wearing bloated constant movement.
It is widely used, not only in winter, but also in other seasons. It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to play outdoors, you must first learn to dress in layers.
However, according to the physique and habits, everyone’s layered dress method is not the same. But the core principle is the same, that is, the layered dressing principle. Refers to the separation of clothing “close layer (also known as the basic layer),” insulation (warm) layer (or middle layer), “protective layer (or outer layer)” three layers to wear, each layer corresponding to the function, and the corresponding clothing requirements are different.

Close to the body layer
The main function of this layer is perspiration, ventilation, as far as possible to keep the body dry. The selection criteria should be “comfortable”, “breathable” and “sweating quickly”. Nowadays, many sports and outdoor brands have clothes made of quick-drying fabrics, which you can choose when you buy them.
In addition, novice choose close layer, must pay attention to one point, because the cotton material wet completely does not have the warm performance, and is not easy to dry, so do not choose the cotton material clothing as the close layer.
Thermal insulation layer
The function of this layer is to lock up the air and retain heat to the maximum extent.The choice and collocation of this layer should be matched flexibly according to personal physique, external environment and sports intensity. Can be a single layer of thick clothing, such as down, soft shell, etc., the advantage of this combination is that the thermal effect is good, but it is not easy to adjust according to the external environment and temperature.
If you use multi-layer thin clothing, remember not to choose cotton material, the reason is the same as above.
Protective layer
The selected criteria are “windproof” and “waterproof”.
The function of this layer is not only to prevent wind and rain, but also to protect the body from foreign bodies (such as forest areas, mountain hiking often encounter sharp branches, rocks, etc.).
Three-in-one equipment
Equipment is actually grabbing velvet and hard shell, through the zipper connection form, make a piece of clothing.
Three-in-one equipment can be understood as a piece of clothing with both insulation and protective layer, which is a good choice for beginners or leisure outdoor sports.
In addition to these three layers, hats, gloves and socks are also key. The head corresponding to the hat is the key protective part of the outdoors in winter, and more than half of the heat in the human body is emitted to the outside world through the head. And the head is the core area of the human body, once this part of the body gets cold, the body will lower the blood supplied to the limbs to ensure the temperature of the core area.
Although the hands and feet are not the core areas of the body, they are the most vulnerable to frostbite. Especially in the hands, the flexibility will be greatly reduced after the cold, unable to complete some complex movements, even some simple movements can not be completed. The equipment of these three parts can also refer to the layered dressing method.
In the process of outdoor sports, in addition to keeping the body dry and reasonable clothing matching, we should also maintain adequate drinking water to prevent dehydration (dehydration can also lead to loss of temperature). In addition, some solid sports drinks or salt pills should be kept in the bag to supplement electrolytes. The intensity of outdoor sports should not be too large, do not blindly choose close to or beyond their physical limit of outdoor sports, risk is relatively high,therefore it is important to step by step.