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"We believe that we can bring the best outdoor experience."

We're obsessed with quality and durability, creating gear that lasts longer and stays out of landfills. For example, We used 15D-double Silicone Fabric,This change extends tent life Major.

How we design ——Team hiking

How can you design a great Product? Our process starts with our passion – getting outside, climbing high, traveling far, and sleeping outside as much as we can. Desert Walker is a love of the outdoors, and this is also where our best ideas come from.

When we see shortcomings in the experience of adventure, we take them back to the office and tackle them.

Desert Walker Team hiking


Focus on the experience

Our driving motivation is to improve your experience of adventure. Every day we ask ourselves, “how can we can design a good Product?”.

Instead of simply setting out to “make a tent”, we focus on the lightweight and high quality to the tent, you can sleep well in the rain.

Core engineering

The best ideas come from a combination of design and engineering, and our team is made of a mix of designers and engineers who bring different perspectives to the design table.Professional 15D double-sided silicon fabric processing method, which is a breakthrough core technology in the tent field.

Desert Walker Core engineering

Tent Detail

Every detail

Unlike so many brands today, everything creative at Desert Walker is done by Ourselves. Our team is doing tests every day.We don’t let an idea leave our studio until we have labored over and owned every detail, down to the and tiniest zipper.

Put it to the test

Testing is an essential part of our process. Many brands rely on their manufacturing partners to make sure their gear meets minimum specs, but we take the process more seriously. Through a combination of lab testing and field testing, we cover our bases.

Our own lab is armed with a rain chamber, tensile tester, heat chamber, and a variety of other rigorous tools. But there is nothing like the trails that a product encounters in the real world, and we have an extensive network of field testers who take our products to the corners of the earth to be tested under the most strenuous circumstances.

Put it to the test