18 / September

Learn a little about the classification of tents

The most important equipment for camping is, of course, a tent. Wherever you sleep in the wild, you need a tent that suits you.
There are many categories of tents, we are divided into pole-less tents and pole tents.

The pole-less tents

A pole-less tent is not a tent without poles. It needs a support pole (mostly using mountaineering poles), wind ropes and ground nails to fix it, which is generally in a pointed shape. Camp cot
A pole-less tent is lighter and can be set up quickly. But it's not easy for inexperienced people to build it up and its space will be relatively small, but if there are not many people camping together, it should be fine. There are also some relatively large pole-less tents suitable for multiple campers.

The pole tents

A tent with poles is a tent with fabric supported by a skeleton structure formed by cross poles.
Because of the skeleton support, the shape will be more full and good-looking. But with a lot of metal rods, it will be heavier than a pole tent, but it will also work better.
Camp cot
The camping ground is usually humid, so it is best to bring a folding cot and sleeping bag to avoid catching cold.
Folding cot had better choose lighter, after all, things are too heavy will cause the inconvenience of the journey. It can be placed outdoors for easy viewing or fishing. When you sleeping in the evening, put it in a tent.
Camp cot
Finally, Pay attention to the safety of the journey and have a pleasant journey!