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Desert Walker New Camping Cot in 2019

Desert Walker New Camping Cot in 2019

The old camping cot has received great praise in the also motivates us to continuously improve and improve our products.
This time, we will enter the outdoor market with new ideas and new products.So we will release this new product in July.

What is the advantage in this new camping cot?

1.Larger bed area.

Compared to the previous Camping Cot, its bed surface reached 190CM X 66CM.

Desert Walker New Camping Cot Size

2.Adjustable height.

This is a new structure, he can change the height by installing the tripod.

Camping Cot 8 foot

3.Ultralight:2.23 KG

Ultralight has always been the design philosophy of DesertWalker products. The old Camping Cot weighs the lowest 1.3KG in the market and has a good load-bearing capacity.
This bed has sacrificed some weight because of some new designs, but he is still a super light bed on the market.

Camping Cot Weight

4.More Easy to install.

Special design Makes More labor-saving than previous installations

Camping Cot 8-foot

Here are some basic data for this bed.

·Packing Size: 50CM Xφ14CM
·Open Size ( No Foot Pole): 190CM X 66CM X 16CM
·Open Size: 190CM X 66CM X 39CM
·Weight: 2.23KG
·8-foot weight: 0.33KG

This Camping Cot will be launched in July 2019.
If you want to buy it , you can buy it on the official website of Desert Walker. We will send it to you at the first time from the factory.
If you are an outdoor professional player, or YouTuber welcomes your evaluation of this product.

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